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Corporate Event Branding

Spear Education, recognized as the leader in continuing education for dentists, hosts an annual summit conference where over 1500 dentists from all over, come to it’s Scottsdale campus to learn the latest techniques with the newest technology from some of the best doctors in the industry.

The in-house graphics team was tasked to come up with a branded event that reflected Spear’s mission and the coming together of doctors from all over the world for this event. We quickly identified the theme of “convergence”. A convergence of doctors, from different cities onto one location in Arizona.

Using the “S” of Spear, I developed the key design element that would be used in all marketing collateral, both print and digital as well as video production. Developed using 3D modeling software Cinema 4D and Adobe’s Photoshop, I carefully constructed the “S” to look like a large abstract city.

My contribution: Creating the key 3D asset and Art Directing the print collateral ensuring the corporate brand was still adhered to and all digital, video, and print production had a consistent look and feel across all.